Action Plan

What's next for BOB?

The Buffers Options for the Bay (BOB) project was funded through a two-year grant. During that time, the team acknowledged that there were things we did not have the funding, capacity, or expertise to complete as a part of that grant.

Therefore, as we worked, we kept a running list of things we wish we could do, or things that would make sense to do next. This list was condensed and prioritized by our Advisory Committee. (We highlighted those actions that were of the highest priority to the Advisory Committee in the plan.) We are committed to making progress on the the ideas in this plan;  we are also committed to keeping it a living document.

We hope that anyone interested in advancing the conservation or restoration of buffers in the Great Bay watershed will use the plan to convene partners, advance research or policy needs, and keep a productive conversation about buffers in the forefront in coastal New Hampshire.

Download the action plan now. Or, for more information about the Action Plan, contact Cory Riley at the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.